Epoxy Coated Barrels

Epoxy Coated Barrels

We offer a wide variety of MS Barrels to our clients to meet their varied and diverse packaging needs.

The epoxy coated barrels are manufactured with superior grade raw material and are known for their durability and corrosion resistance. The barrels are coated with epoxy lacquer internally. As per customer’s requirement, different lacquers are used for coating such as Food Grade Lacquer and Pesticide Grade Lacquer. The barrels are then passed in to the oven for baking at 210 to 230 Degree. Due to the this non-reactive property, epoxy coated barrels are also used for products such as paints, chemicals and seeds. These have become environmental friendly option for packaging.

Application Areas

  • Vegetables
  • Processed foods
  • Fruit juice
  • Dairy and marine products

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity            :210 ltrs to 235ltrs
  • Sheet
    :1.0 mm – 1.6 mm
  • MAX.HEIGHT :888 +/- 2 mm
    :585+/- 2 mm
  • Weight               :Weight shall vary as per
                                   Thickness of Sheet.
  • External Paint :As per customer’s choice


Epoxy Coated Barrels