All Joint welded Barrels

All Joint Welded Barrels(200 Ltr-210 Ltr)

The All Joints Welded Barrels offered by us are made from superior quality raw material thereby exhibiting high performance. These are used for packaging and transporting highly hazardous chemicals that cannot be packed in the normal M.S. plain barrels because of the deterioration of the seam lining compound. The company has a vast experience of supplying such barrels.

All Joint welded barrels are manufactured as per IS 1783. Fresh CRCA sheets of various thicknesses are used as material of construction. Along with vertical seam resistance welding Tops and Bottoms are also welded carefully with high quality techniques. This process ensures the safety while packaging and transporting Highly hazardous materials. All barrels are pneumatically tested to ensure that the barrels are 100% leak proof.

Application Areas

  • Highly Hazardous Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals products

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity                :200/210 ltrs
  • Sheet
    :CRCA SHEET 1.0 mm – 1.6 mm
  • MAX.HEIGHT    :888 +/- 2 mm
    :585+/- 2 mm
  • Weight                  :Weight shall vary as per
                                      Thickness of Sheet.


All Joint Welded Barrels